National Feel Good Day!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

On Friday the 19th of July It is the UK's first National Feel Good Day! 
The entire nation is being called upon to dedicate time paying compliments to friends, family and strangers to celebrate feeling good!
 On Friday the men and women of Britain having been encouraged to give out verbal compliments and words of praise to their friends or families via twitter or face book. 
For all you lovely twitter users you can use the hashtags #feelgoodday and #feelgood

Research by Transform Cosmetic Surgery has found that nearly half of all Brits feel that receiving a compliment would brighten up their day! Some of the compliments that were top of the list were being told you looked younger than you are and being told that your hair looks nice (something I love to hear.)
Further Research as shown that some of the cities most likely to give over ten compliments a month to those they know include, Liverpool, Belfast and Plymouth.  Despite all of this giving out compliments is actually rare for most Brits since one sixth of adults stated that they never give compliments to people they know! Crazy right?! 

So my lovely followers on Friday make sure you're complimenting all the lovely people you know whether this be via facebook or twitter ( remember those hashtags!) Or complimenting them verbally! 

I hope you enjoy National Feel Good Day!

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  1. I didn't know about this!i love genuinely complimenting people!its good to share the love hehe!:)


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