My Current Skin Care Routine

Sunday, 15 September 2013

For ages I've been searching for the perfect products which I truly believe will help my skin. I've got combinational skin so find that parts of my face such as my cheeks, the sides of my nose and my chin get very dry but then my forehead and other parts of my nose get very oily!

Over the last few months, I believe I've found products which are perfect for my skin! All of which I want to share with you today (: From the photo above I'm sure you can tell, I'm a very big Origins Fan. I've personally found Origins skin care to be absolutely perfect on my skin, every product I've tried I've had no problems with what so ever.  Also I found that the Origins reps on my local counters are so  very helpful!

     Evening Routine 

Every evening, I start by removing my eye makeup and for this I use Nivea's Extra Gentle Eye Make Up RemoverI like this make up remover because it doesn't leave my eyes feeling oily which I have noticed with previous products and I've found happened quite a lot. I use a small amount on a cotton wool pad and press on to my eye, I then leave for a few seconds before wiping away all the mascara and eyeliner I've been wearing that day.  The remover is great for any type of eye make up, even with my strongest waterproof mascara I can easily take it off! 

To remove the rest of my make up I use Clinques Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. It's a very lightweight balm which is great for removing all make up on my face and you really don't need a lot of product as a little goes a long way! What I like about the balm is that when I apply it, it melt in to an oil which you can easily massage in the skin. I love this as It feels like my make up is being completely removed. Having a few oily points on my face I was a little worried it would make my skin worst but I wrong, I use warm water, a muslin cloth to remove and skin is left feeling squeaky clean. 

I like to double cleanse so after taking off my make up I use my trusty Checks and Balance Cleanser by Origins. One of the ingredients is Spearmint which you can instantly smell when you open the bottle and I love love loveeeee it! Like the balm you only need the small amount of product as with water it turns in to a frothy face wash (try saying that three time quickly! haha) I like to massage the product in to my skin for a few second before taking it off with warm water (:  I love how my face feels after using this, it leaves it feeling squeaky clean and amazingly soft!

Next up I use a toner, my current favourite is Origins United States Tonic. I find that this toner is perfect for my skin, I use a tiny amount on the cotton pad and then swipe across my face. It removes any make up which got left behind and leaves my face feeling soft, I also found that it has clean up A LOT of my blackheads which In the past I've had a midnight trying to get rid of them!

Finally I use my Origins Sample of Make Rejuvenating Treatment.  What I love about this is that it doesn't leave my face feeling oily and the dry apart of my face are left leaving soft and smooth! I've seen a major change in my skin, especially the horrible dry areas since using this sample. I can't wait to purchase the full sized thing! 

If needed I will dab on a little bit of my trusty Origins Spot Remover as most bbloggers I love this product! It has definitely worked for me, it removes the spots of over night and gets rid of the redness around them! I also like to use my Origins Modern Friction twice a week to get rid of the dry skin and I love that is leave my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. 

Morning Routine

My morning routine is slightly quicker then in the evening, I like to stick to a basic Cleanse/Tone/Moisture. So first off I use my Checks and Balance Cleanser,which in the morning really wakes me up and leaves my skin feeling ready and refreshed for the day ahead. I then use my United States Tonic Sweeping gentle across my face, before applying a small amount of my Make a Difference Treatment. Finally I apply a tiny bit of my Origins GinZing Eye Cream just to refresh my eyes for the day ahead! 

And there you have it (: My current skin care routine!

Do you use any of these products? 



  1. I am loving my Clinique cleansing balm, it's HG material in my books! Just started following you. xx

    1. I love it! One of my favourite products ever!


  2. I'm obsessed with Origins atm! :) x

    1. I love them too!

      what's your favourite products?


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