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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Over the last week or so I made long list of winter clothes I really wanted to get on a shopping trip I planned with my Mum. As you can see, in the photo above that plan may have failed as I got hardly any of the things I wanted! (boooo!) I saw so many nice things online but in the shop they just didn't look as good, so I decided to leave them for now.  Although I didn't manage to get most of the things I wanted I thought I'd share the things I did end up buying (: I'm hoping during the student night in two weeks at my local shopping centre ( watch out for a post about it ) I will be able to buy myself some warm winter clothes for the cold weather ahead!


For a while now I've really wanted to buy myself some of the real technique brushes after reading so many review and hearing so many positive things about them and since boots had their Buy 1 get 1 half price offer on i decided it was time to go ahead and treat myself to some. I brought myself the two starter kits, one for the face and one for eyes. The core collection - £21.99 (face brushes) include a Contour brush, a detailed brush, a pointed foundation and a buffing brush.  The starter kit £21.99 (eye brushes) includes five different brushes these are, base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush and brow brush. Be sure to keep an eye for some up coming interviews on both of these products! As well as these sets I also brought myself some relaxing soak, a face cloth and a body soap.


My plan for primark was to buy myself a few winter jumpers and a new coat, after wondering around for a while I wasn't overly impressed with the things that I saw. Although I didn't find anything I was intending to buy, I did treat myself to a few other things, these were
- Pyjama top and shorts set - £5 
- Slipper booties -£6
- Snood - £4 
-Hair clips and bands - £3 
- Two sets of Socks £5
- Cotton Pads £1 
Although I didn't intend to buy these things, I am really happy with my purchases! 


Since I had no luck in primark finding some jumpers and a coat I had a quick look in the store republic since they normally have quite a few different things that I like. One thing that caught my was a lovely black dress, very simple but very pretty! The dress itself was flattering when on and with a chunky gold necklace and my favourite heels I could really glam it up! 

Although I didn't actually buy anything I was intending too I am very happy with the things that I did get! 

Have you treated yourself to anything this week?



  1. I really want the core collection.. is it any good? I've heard so many bloggers ranting about it but not sure. xx


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