My favourite 5 under £5!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

So I thought that today I would share my top five products which are under £5. I love finding beauty bargains, it's means I can buy that product over and over again and not feel bad about the spending so much money!

The first of my top five is Natural Collections Lash Curl Mascara. (£1.99) For those who haven't heard of natural collection, they are a boots own brand with a range of different Make up, bath, and body products. Every piece of make up in the collection is under £5 and currently boots have an offer where you can buy 3 different pieces of make up for £5. Every product I've used of theirs I've gotten on well with and one of my favourites is their lash curl mascara.  It's a great mascara for everyday use, it doesn't leave my eye lashes all clumped together and it gives a even layer of mascara over all my lashes. I've found that it doesn't leave me with panda eyes by the end of the day and the wand of the mascara isn't plastic which I prefer as it easier to apply with.

Next is the Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks In Pink Cloud. (£1.99) This is a lovely blush which gives a lovely natural hint of colours to the cheeks. Although the colour I have (Pink cloud) looks like quite a vibrant colour for my skin tone, on my cheeks it comes up as a very light pink which looks like just a natural glow. To apply my blush I use my real technique blush brush, which picks up just the right amount of colour.

The MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter (£3.00) is one of the first highlighter I've ever used and I was lucky enough to receive this in a swap box I did recently, MUA are a brand which I've heard of a lot but I've not actually tried any of their products before so It was nice to try something from a new brand. The product itself isn't to glittery and builds up to a nice glow, which looks great on my pale skin tone. The colour is a nice peachy pink which looks great in the light, I tend not to wear this all the time but when I do, I use my real technique contour brush to apply.

Collection is a brand which I always end up buying from, I've found that their products are cheap and affordable but always last me a really long time. There are two different products which I've been using for a while now and always end up re buying, these are the Extreme 24hrFelt Tip Eyeliner (£2.99) and the Lasting Perfection Concealer  (£3.99.) The felt tip eyeliner is one the best liquid eyeliners I've ever used, I love the felt tip end as I find they are the easiest when it comes to applying. I like to apply a primer on my eyelids before I apply the eyeliner as I find this away it stays on a little longer, I also dab on a tiny bit on setting powder over the liquid eyeliner when I've done as I finds this help to stop any smudging through out the day.

My final product is Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer! I love love love this concealer, I like to use it both under my eyes and to cover up blemishes. I've found that the shade light is a great match for my skin tone and looks nice under my eyes as it's not to dark. Another great thing about this product is that it has a very light texture and never feels to heavy on my skin, I tend to where this product daily and even if I don't deicide to wear foundation I will always dab a bit of this product under my eyes and on any blemishes I may have.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my fave top 5! Have you used any of these products before? what's on your top 5 under £5 list? 



  1. I absolutely love MUA and I'm drying to try that highlighter, but every time I go into Superdrug it's out of stock! I've signed up online to be emailed when it's back in haha :) I feel really left out of the blogging community on this one... but I just hate the Collection concealer! It looks so awful on me :( My favourite cheaper products are the £1 MUA blushers, they are fab especially the brighter/darker shades.

    Hannah x

    1. I'm always looking in super drug for it just to stock up, but it's so hard to find!! Are there any other collection products you like? xo

  2. Nice post hun, the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is great!

    Love your blog, the pictures are amazing and I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


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