Favourite Winter Accessories

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

 Ellie Faux Fur Lined Parka - Oasis £88

H&M Gloves -£3.99 2 Pack

Orinoco Hop Boots - Clarks, £59.99

As this horrible cold weather approaches us I wanted to share with you the items of clothing you'll see me wearing every pretty much everyday. 

First off this is lovely looking parka from Oasis. I've been searching and searching for the perfect winter coat, something that will keep me super warm in the cold weather but something that also looks great with whatever I wear. So when I spotted this Parka on a shopping trip with my mum and tried it on, I instantly fell in love! I've never ever owned a coat that keeps me so toasty warm before so knew I had to buy it. In store there were two colours to choose from, a nice natural brown or this lovely Khaki green colour and as you can see I went for the green. What I love about this coat is that it has a lovely fur layer inside, but still leaves enough room for you to layer up with jumpers if you wanted to. Another bonus with the fur is  that it is removable, so in the warmer months I'll still able to get some wear from it as a light parka. 

Next up, Gloves! Everyone must own a pair of gloves right? Having dry and cold hands is horrible and since I lost the pair I brought last year I nipped in to H&M to treat myself to some new ones. I treated myself to a two pack which had the lovely girly pink pair (pictured) and a burgundy pair and together cost me £3.99

Finally my favourite boots everrrrrrrr! Since I brought these about a month ago from Clarks and I've not worn any other pair of shoes! These are great. They are sturdy,comfortable and just like my coat they've gone great with every outfit I've worn. Since I'm stand up all day at work It's nice to have a pair of boots which don't make my feet ache and in this horrible weather they leave my feet feeling nice and warm.

What are your fave winter accessories?!



  1. I love the sparkly gloves! Gorgeous! Kat xx londonkat.com

    1. Me too! They're super girly which I love! xo

  2. Brill post! Love all of your photos, gorgeous gloves too :)

  3. lovely parka, im about to buy the same would you mind telling me what size you got as im ordering online and wont be able to try on! x


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