Favourite Nail Polish

Saturday, 16 November 2013

L-R Martha Red, Amethyst, Raspberry, Gold Glitter 

I don't tend to wear nail polish all the time, since I can never be bothered to wait for the polish to dry and it often gets chipped and ruined after about 5 minutes of them being painted! But there are a few different colours I own which perfect for winter.

Most of my nail polished come from BarryM, they are a brand which I've been buying from for years now and I've gotten on well with every product I've brought. Not to mention they are very purse friendly!

The first Colour I'm going to talk about is Raspberry 273, it is a very warm and deep shade which is perfect for this cold weather. It adds a nice splash of colour to all my outfits and since I wear a lot of dark woolly jumper and dark jeans it's nice to have a little pop of colour to brighten everything up!  I've added the glitter nail paint from Barry M called Amethyst over the top for a sparkle!

The next colour I like to wear leading up to Christmas is a bright red, this year I've chosen a lovely shade from the brand KIKO called Martha Red. I love to match this up with a gold glitter since gold glitter makes everything feel so Christmasy! I've used Barry M's glitter nail paint which is in fact named gold glitter aha.

Have you tried any of these nail polishes before? What are your winter fave's?



  1. I do love a bit of glitter at xmas time but its so damn difficult to get off!

    1. Oh isn't just?! But oh well, as long as my nails look pretty I don't mind :P xo

  2. It looks fabulous! Lovely nails!


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