Frankie Magazine Daily Journal

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Today I was super excited because I received my Frankie Magazine Daily Journal. Yaaaaaay! After seeing That Sunday Girl's post on the journal I order one straight away. (TSG post here) I was expecting this little beauty to arrive just after christmas, but after just 9 days it arrived on my doorstep! 

The art work through out the book is absolutely gorgeous and the book itself is the perfect size for any handbag I own. The cover is made from a green cloth and the book itself has a hard back cover which i'm sure will last me the whole year unlike pervious paper back journals i've owned in the past. There's various different sections throughout the journal, each week has it's own page allowing you to fit everything you needed to jot down, there's a 2 pages dedicated to birthday as well an area for budgeting and friend's contact details. At the back of the journal there's a small pouch for you to fit any notes, bits of information to you need to keep or to hold the tear outs provided.  

In the new year I plan to be a lot more organised with blogging and this the perfect little journal to help me do so. I've already started filling out the first few weeks of the journal as well as adding all the important dates I need to remember! 

If you want to purchase the journal yourself then you can so here at a price of £19 which includes P&P. 



  1. I love this! I need a journal for the new year and this one looks perfect, I might have to do exactly what you did and buy myself this!

    Kassie - xx

  2. Oh wow this is beautiful! I love stationary so this would be right up my street


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