Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pay day

 Hi Guys! Since It's pay day next week I wanted to share with you the products I've got my eyes on for next months pay day haul. All of these products are things I've been wanting to purchase for a while now so hopefully I'll be able to pick a few of them up soon!
1. Mint Vans £47
2. Nars Blush £21.50
3. L'Oreal Telescopic £4.50
4. Milani Baked Blush £4.76
5. Clarins Gentle Eye Make Up Remover £15.80
What do you have on your wishlist for next month?


  1. LOVE them vans! I have bright blue ones but deffo want some mint green ones. So pretty xxx

    Sarah Speaks

    1. Cute aren't they! The blue ones sound awesome (:

  2. The colour of those vans is amazing! I've been wanted some vans or similar for a while now, think I might have to hunt those down!
    Sally xx


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