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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Since my nail polish collection has been getting a little out of hand recently, I thought It was time to have a sort out. I manged to part with a few different polishes not because I wanted too, but because I had way to many old and unloved colours. I did however find 5 polishes perfect to wear during this lovely sunny weather! 

Although a lot of people don't agree with white nail polish, It's a shade I've been wearing over the last few days and I absolutely love it. It's makes your nails look nice and fresh and I've managed to work it with a lot of my outfits too! I'm currently using one by Nautral Collection
I love my Barry M, they're definitely my go to brand when to comes to buying a new polish and I've picked 3 old favourites I'll be planning to wear over the next few weeks. Sugar Apple Is my first Gelly polish by Barry M, It 's the perfect minty green and the staying power of the polish is great! I'm planning to wear this shade to festival at the end of the month. 
Cyan Blue and Bright Pink are two polishes I've had in my collection for ages! They are my to go bright summer colours since they add a splash of colour to my outfits and I love how bright they are.
I was lucky enough to receive this lovely Kiko polish in a coral from a beauty box swap I did back last year. I love this coral colour It's so perfect for the lovely summer weather, plus It Is a shade that looks great when I've tanned. I'm planning to wear this shade on my next trip to the beach. 

What colours are you planning to wear this summer? 


  1. The Kiko shade looks gorgeous. I really like Kiko makeup but haven't tried their polishes yet! x


  2. The Kiko shade is so stunning! Gotta love a coral :)


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