Five things I love about winter

Monday, 1 December 2014

Although It doesn't officially start until the 21st of December, winter is definitely here! The cold, dark early nights have already started and although it may seem like the worst season out of them all I wanted to share my five favourite things about Winter:

  • Getting to wear layers upon layers of big fluffy jumpers as well as wiping out every pair of  cosy bed socks I own
  • Snuggling up in bed with my electric blanket and a massive mug of hot chocolate watching all my favourite movies, knowing it's freezing outside.
  • Walking around Cambridge in the evening seeing all the bright Christmas lights and decorations
  • Getting to stock up on lots of new winter accessories. You can never have too many scarves!
  • Having an open fire roaring whilst watching every Christmas movie possible

Are you taking part in the Blogmas Project? What are you favourite things about winter? Let me know! 


  1. There is nothing better than cozy jumpers and fluffy socks


  2. I agree cosy jumpers and fluffy socks are the greatest :)

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