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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Looking back at 2014 I realised that I got into some bad habits when it came to my make up, skincare and haircare routine. This year there are some things I plan to change so today I will be sharing my beauty goals for 2015.

 - Although it's not one of the best jobs going, cleaning my make up brushes is something I definitely need to start doing more often. I plan to give them a quick weekly clean as well as a deep clean every month or so.
  - I have so many make up and skincare products that just sit in my drawers after being used once and then never again. So I've sorted everything out and plan to use more products in my daily routines.
  - I'm forever buying eye shadows in order to create so many make up looks that I've seen on-line but I never end up going a head with them. This year I plan to wear eye shadow more often and hopefully share the looks I create!
  - Using a hair and face mask is something I didn't do enough last year, so this year I plan to use one at least 1-2 times a week. 
  - I always end up buying products I don't actually need and it's definitely one of my worst habits. This year I'm only going to buy a product when I really need it and buy them when I've used up a product I already have. 
  - When it comes to taking of my make up in the evening, I make sure I give myself half an hour to  fully remove my make up and cleanse my face. In the morning I never give myself enough time to properly cleanse and that's something I want to change. 

I'll be sure to update you throughout the year with how I get on! 

What are your beauty goals for 2015? How do you think you'll do?



  1. I didn't really have any beauty goals but after reading this post I think mine would be pretty similar! :) I definitely need to start cleaning my makeup brushes more... but it's just so annoying D:

    Hannah xx

    1. Cleaning brushes isn't the best of job is it, haha xo


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